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Commodore C64 - Sprite editor, compositor and animator!


Fixed - swap bug with the compositor (crashed with an error)

  • Press CTRL when changing frames to stay within animation range
  • Use Alt+Click to pick sprite from compositor (layer sensitive)

Previous uodates:

 You can now export/import binary files. Please note, this is sprite data only and will ignore color setup and compositor. Be sure to save the usual way with CTRL+L too. Alt+B = Export Binary, now you can work in Sprite pad using the binary import. B = Import Binary, great if you have been working in Sprite pad and want to use the compositor of Spred 64 for a better idea of your animations etc.

Fixed how you place sprites (controls)

Latest update (1.39) 

See the full video for full tutorial and instructions:

New Tutorial: 

Composite up to 16 sprites with 5 layers each over 30 frames of animation from a bank limited to 64 C64 Sprites. Export the byte data to use in your very own projects.!


Numpad to shift pixels (4,8,6,2) of currently selected sprite

Arrow keys to change Layer / Animation frame

Pg Up/Pg Dn (+Alt to decrease) to increase start / End frames

Ctrl+Arrow keys to change sprite position offset on the compositor area (bottom right grid). Hover cursor over the sprite you want to modify, it is also layer sensitive.

Shift+X/Y to stretch Sprites (Compositor area only)

X - Flip sprite horizontally (on selected sprite)

Ctrl+Backspace to clear sprite data

F1 swap sprites in the spritebank (no need to click, just hover)

F2 duplicate the compositing frame

F6 to reset

Ctrl+L to load 

Ctrl+S to Save

Ctrl+C to copy a sprite

Ctrl+V to paste a sprite

To fix older offset issues, try loading with Shift+L or Alt+L and resave as a new file.

This software is paid only as it was created in my own time and the funds will encourage me to continue its development. Thanks.
Raised so far $124.81  from 30  copies sold! Top purchases $12.50 and $10.00 Thank you! You know who your are <3


  •  Added icons / buttons
  • Reduced Composition grid to 4 x 4
  • 30 Frames for animation instead of 20
  • Windowed, resizable
  • Information about sprites in comp grid
  • comp grid pixel cursor for easier drawing
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Really nice editor ! Keep up doing this great work :)


Great. I really like this and I hope you include a windowed mode into the improvement-list. I really like to manage windows, push them around and have a look at drafts and pictures.

(2 edits)

Yep, It can be done easy. Uploading now. Done. And I also added the ability to double the X/Y scale of the sprites similar to how the C64 would do it.