A small golf game in development, its has taken a strange twist where getting a birdie isn't about one under par, its about hitting a bird and making it land in the hole.

You can progress the flag further away by putting normally, a hole in one is achievable on your first shot. Use the restart button at the top right. You have 30 balls to try to achieve all 5 gold awards.

To help develop this game into a full developed title with multiple courses and obstacles please donate a little or if you enjoy playing it and wish to send me feedback, please get in touch, I would love to add your crazy ideas.

I hope you enjoy!

Oh also, if you get all 5 rewards when playing, if you could record that to youtube, that would be amazing!

Nothing was harmed when making, playing or thinking about this game.

Also, if you use gamemaker 1.4 or 2.0 you can download the full project on Gamemakers Marketplace.

Golf GMS 1.4

Golf GMS2.0

Thank you and enjoy making your own gold spin offs from this one!

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