RRFreelance - PixelBurner

A tool for making all the hair textures you need.
Customised Hair Shaders for Unreal and Unity
Created with Hair Strand Designer
Animated Arms, Hands and Gloves - unity only
50 icons hand painted in 512*512 px
A set of flowers, plants and pots perfect for a little gardening game
A set of 8 characters rigged and ready for mixamo or humanoid mechanim
Weapons that have the ability to be modified in engine.
A collection of top down, side on and isometric Sprites
Project files for Gamemaker 1.4 and 2.0 plus Unity Project(no code) and Graphics files.
Low Poly movie cars, great for Prototyping only
A retro style Isometric Ninja game
A remake of a C64 classic
A game about asset making
Cars rendered into sprites
+ Shader + Tattoo - VR Compatible
First 13 hours of development!
Stylised block and trees pack for games
An animated alien arm 3D model with Texture
Mini Golf game with a twist
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